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    Sex Stories - Top Sex Sites (in: 12%) (in: 657 / out: 4431)
    Sex stories - top link list - free erotic stories. (more...)

    101 Stories (in: 12%) (in: 954 / out: 12602)
    Collection of free erotic porn stories of passion, lust and fantasy. (more...)

    Erotic Stories (in: 12%) (in: 6128 / out: 13198)
    A growing collection of links to free erotic stories. (more...)

    Hyperdreams Interactive Sex Stories (in: 1556 / out: 1248)
    Choose your own sexual adventure with branching and customizable interactive sex stories. You decide what happens in a story about anyone you like! (more...)

    Sex Stories Home (in: 8%) (in: 4208 / out: 11504)
    Over 200 free exciting adult stories and 300+ free hardcore video clips. (more...)

    Sex Stories World (in: 8%) (in: 2923 / out: 11022) - the sex story post - daily updated. (more...)

    Short Erotic Stories (in: 8%) (in: 9904 / out: 19323) - awesome index of sorted sexy stories. (more...)

    Free Sexy Stories (in: 8%) (in: 5744 / out: 11653) top sites - links to free sex story sites (more...)

    Stories Desired - Home of Hundreds of Free Erotic (in: 293 / out: 5186)
    Stories Desired is your home for all types of Free Adult Stories. Erotic, hot, sexy stories with a wide range of topics. Nothing is forbidden in these stories, so hold on tight, and read about your favorite fetish, or deepest desire. (more...)

    Sex Notebook (in: 181 / out: 4243)
    Sex Stories Blog for Men and Women gives a 100% free erotic stories, first time experience, lesbians, gays, maid servants, office romances, teenager sex experience, fiction sex stories and more... (more...)

    Sex Story Free (in: 4%) (in: 1696 / out: 9843) - sex story blog - daily free erotic stories. (more...)

    Free Adult Stories (in: 4%) (in: 4461 / out: 11630)
    Adult stories top list - links to free adult story sites. (more...)

    Free Erotic Stories (in: 4%) (in: 4083 / out: 9519)
    Sex stories top list - links to free erotic stories websites. (more...)

    Aural Sex (in: 4%) (in: 1230 / out: 4904)
    Links to sites featuring free erotic stories and audio. (more...)

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